10-02Court of Honor
10-03National Youth Leadship Training Second weekend of two
10-09Troop Meeting
10-10 -> 10-12October Camping Trip - District Camporee
10-12Fall Festival EOL
10-16Troop Meeting
10-18Philmont Adult Advisors Meeting
10-23Troop Meeting
10-02Court of Honor
14 people attending
10-10 -> 10-12October Camping Trip - District Camporee
10 people attending
10-12Fall Festival EOL
1 people attending
10-18Philmont Adult Advisors Meeting
3 people attending
11-07 -> 11-09Camping Trip - Hickory Run
5 people attending
11-16Philmont 2015 Crew Meeting
13 people attending
12-13First Aid Rally
6 people attending
02-17Philmont Adult Advisors Meeting
1 people attending
03-17Philmont Advisors and Crew Chief Meeting
1 people attending
03-20 -> 03-22Philmont Contingent Backpacking trip
12 people attending
05-09 -> 05-10Philmont Contingent Training Weekend
8 people attending
01-01Test Event
4 people attending

Welcome to Troop 117

About Troop 117

Troop 117 is located in Plymouth Meeting, PA.  The troop serves boys ages 11 through 17 from the Whitpain, Plymouth, Whitemarsh, and Conshohocken areas.  We meet on Thursday nights at 7:00 PM in the Grady Hall portion of the Holy Rosary school located at Epiphany Of Our Lord R.C. Church at the corner of Walton and Township Line Roads.  Troop 117 is made up of 4 patrols and a varsity crew, consisting of about 40 scouts and 10 adults.  Every year after new scouts join the troop, generally, Webelos, a “New Boy Patrol" is formed to create an environment for the new scouts to learn scoutcraft skills, leadership, and teamwork, before having the option to transfer to existing scout patrols.

The Varsity crew consists of older scouts who are participating in High Adventure activities while typically continuing to serve in troop leadership positions.  To be a member of Varsity Team 117, a scout must be a primary member of a troop, usually, Troop 117, out of the eighth grade, submitted a membership application which has approved by the Varsity Coach and be active in Team 117 activities. 

Parents, Please Attend This Thursday's Court Of Honor

Posted by bethmilton on Sep 26 2014 - 5:08pm

Lots of merit badges from Summer Camp and Advancements. 

If you want your son, to take part in the Lottery for Seabase in 2016, bring a check for $100.  ASM's can also attend.

Lottery for Sea Base Trip in 2016 Will Be at Oct 2 Court of Honor

Posted by bethmilton on Sep 26 2014 - 5:05pm

All Scouts currently in 7th grade or older are eligible to Participate in Seabase Trip in 2016.  Reservations are made by the boatload via a National lottery so there is no guarantee that all interested parties can participate.  In the interest of making it as fair as possible, there will be a lottery at the upcoming court of honor to prioritize who gets to go.  To be considered, a check for $100 must be in the hat when the drawing occurs.  Rules for prioritization are on the website.

Eagle Candidates

Posted by rogermilton on Sep 26 2014 - 8:07am

We have a dozen scouts with the option of becoming Eagle scouts in the next year.  This translates to a lot of service projects.  Every scout is encouraged to participate by turning out to help them achive their goal.  Mr. Milton

Partials from Summer Camp

Posted by rogermilton on Aug 30 2014 - 5:08pm

Several scouts earned partial merit badges at summer camp.  I will place the cards in the "grey football" in the black box I bring to troop meetings.  It is your responsibility to get the remaining requirements signed off by a counselor and deliver the completed card to me for advancement credit.  Please advise if you have any questions.  Mr. Milton

Summer Camp Advancement posted

Posted by rogermilton on Aug 25 2014 - 9:25am

Reported Merit Badges and Rank Advancements are reflected on website.  Please advise Mr. Milton of any exceptions.

OA Ordeal

Posted by rogermilton on Jul 14 2014 - 9:20am

Please send Mr. Milton an email when you complete nights camping away from the scouts.  Nights at OA ordeals, NYLT training, Den Chief, Jamboree activities and camp counselor activities count towards your nights camping and are often overlooked.



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